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European regulation n° 1169 /2011(INCO) establishes rules regarding the provision of food information to consumers. The primary objective is to ensure that consumers have access to essential information, such as nutritional declarations and ingredient lists.

To enhance the comprehension of this information, alternative forms of expression and presentation, as well as voluntary food information, may be supplied alongside the obligatory nutrition declaration, as outlined in Articles 35 to 37 of the INCO regulation.

What is Nutri-Score?

A front-of-pack label, based on a five-color nutritional scale (from dark green to dark orange) coupled with letters (from A to E), designed to communicate the nutritional quality of a product in a simplified and complementary manner to the mandatory nutritional statement, as specified in the INCO Regulation.


What changes will be made to the Nutri-Score?

  • The main changes are based on the salt, sugar, protein, fiber, fruit, vegetable and dried vegetable content of food.
  • The presence of artificial sweeteners on beverages is now considered.

A two-year transition period, until the conclusion of 2025, has been established for the Nutri-Score of existing food and beverage products on the market to align with the alterations made to the calculation algorithm. Nevertheless, in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, the new algorithm came into force on 1 January 2024. In France and Luxembourg, it will come into force in spring 2024.

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